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Brigitte Nadeau


I am a Foodie, always looking for and testing new recipes, new restaurants to try and my new obsession: Food Trucks

I also love all the cooking shows from PBS to Food Network...

I even cook for my dog Lilly

My first cooking memory is with my Grand Mother preparing a Chocolate Pie

The Amazing smell of butter melting in with the chocolate

hooked me for life

Preparing dinners for friends became my stress relief

and gave me pure joy (and still does)

It also helped me gain weight through the years

After a 50 pound weight loss I decided to get training from

The Institute For Integrative Nutrition, in order to be professionally certified and knowledgeable to provide information and cooking to support you to be and feel your best in a healthy lifestyle

The Healthy Yummy Cooking Service took shape during a dinner with friends

They insisted that I need to share my gift of food knowledge and cooking abilities

Here I am, ready to provide you with healthy cooked meals

and great health knowledge



If you have any questions you can contact me

Via Email

Click here




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